The Duel III
Duel III
Season 47
Episodes 10
Winners Johnny "Bananas"
Karen Singbeil
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Battle of the Bloodlines III


Twenty-six competitors are headed to New Zealand to compete in one of the most intense Real World/Road Rules Challenges ever: The Duel II. What makes this season different? There will be no teams. That's right; it's every man and woman for themselves. This time around, players will be pushed past their limits as they compete in nine extreme challenges leading up to an epic finale where the winners will split a purse of $300,000.

As has become the norm for every Real World/Road Rules Challenge, expect to see the Challengers plot, scheme and stab one another in the back as they put everything on the line to win!

Who's in? Thirteen men and thirteen women -- all veterans of The Real World or Road Rules, and some of the Challenge itself -- will step up to try to claim their share.

Here's how it will work:

After each week's challenge, the Challenger ranks will be thinned as players are sent into The Duel --- a no holds barred, head-to-head battle between two competitors, where one man and one woman will be eliminated. The rules of "The Duel" are simple: win at all costs and send your opponent packing. The winner stays and continues to fight for the money. The loser goes home empty handed ... end of story.

Staying out of The Duel depends on how well players do in the weekly challenges. After each grueling challenge the male winner and the female winner will be safe. These two must then agree on one person to save from The Duel. That person, in turn, will chose someone of the opposite sex to save, and so on down the line. The last man and woman standing are automatically sentenced to The Duel. But they're not out of the game yet, because each will get to choose a same-sex Duel opponent and battle it out until only one is left standing.

In order to ensure survival, players will form alliances and pair up, keeping their friends close and their enemies closer. But make no mistake about it, in the end, friendships will be tested, hearts will be broken and blood will be spilled as players must ultimately stand alone in order to be crowned champions of Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel II!


Male contestants
Player Finish
Johnny "Bananas" Winner
Dillon MacDermant Runner-Up
Anthony Bartolotte Third Place
Prompto Argentum Episode 9
Rocky Lynch Episode 8
Zack Arad Episode 7
Gus Kenworthy Episode 6
Liam W Episode 5
Ansel Elgort Episode 4
Mr. Krabs Episode 3
Liam Riley Episode 2
Bryce Marino Episode 1
Female contestants
Player Finish
Karen Singbeil Winner
Svetlana Shusterman Runner-Up
Larxene Third Place
Amanda Garcia Episode 9
Nicole Ramos Episode 8
Ariana Grande Episode 7
Sopiea Kong Episode 6
Hali Ford Episode 5
Amy Cieslowski Episode 4
Macy Gray Episode 3
Beth Stolarczyk Episode 2
Hannah Baker Episode 1
Laura Vanderboobin
Lisa Origliasso

Game SummaryEdit

Duel ProgressEdit

Males Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Finale
Bananas Win Safe Safe Win Duel Win Safe Safe Duel WINNER
Dillon Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Duel Safe Win Win SECOND
Anthony Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Duel Duel Safe THIRD
Prompto Safe Duel Safe Duel Safe Safe Win Safe Elim
Rocky Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Elim
Zack Duel Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Gus Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Liam W. Safe Safe Duel Safe Elim
Ansel Safe Win Safe Elim
Mr. Krabs Safe Safe Elim
Liam R. Safe Elim
Bryce Elim
Females Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Finale
Karen Safe Safe Duel Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe WINNER
Svetlana Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Duel Safe Safe Win SECOND
Larxene Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Duel Safe Duel THIRD
Amanda Safe Safe Safe Safe Duel Safe Win Duel Elim
Nicole Safe Duel Win Safe Safe Win Safe Elim
Ariana Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Sopiea Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Hali Safe Safe Safe Duel Elim
Amy Safe Win Safe Elim
Macy Safe Safe Elim
Beth Duel Elim
Hannah Elim
Laura DQ
Lisa DQ